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Best Wedding Albums

Our exclusive wedding albums are printed and handcrafted by world-renowned Italian bookmaker GraphiStudio using the best materials and time-tested techniques. The result is an eye-catching, hard-bound in amazing covers wedding storybook that will enable you to revisit your favorite moments again and again.
While a single photo can be gorgeous and tell its personal story, the only way you will be able to relieve your wedding journey is a carefully crafted visual narrative. Weddings are the amazing beginning of a beautiful love story, a celebration like no other. In addition, your wedding storybook is the first chapter and heirloom of your new family.

An endless variety of beautiful leather albums, flush albums, thick pages, thin pages, lay flat pages, linen covers, hard covers, and crystal glass covers are available in all sizes and with many layout options as well.
Our exclusive wedding albums are hardbound storybooks, printed and handcrafted by world-renowned bookmakers using the best materials and time-tested techniques. The result is an eye-catching, heirloom that will enable you to revisit your favorite moments again and again.

Hector Rivera Photography is here to capture the moments that will become treasured memories later.

At Hector Rivera Photography, the passion for art and storytelling is our manifesto. Our goal is to seek the true essence within the moments and then capture them. Our deep desire to create lasting memories is apparent in the quality of our work and wedding albums. Through photography, we capture the moments that are essential in life. Weddings from different cultures, all over the world are then present their fairytale bound beautifully . All the unforgettable moments will forever be contained within your beautiful and unique wedding album.


For many couples, the wedding day is over in a flash. Between the ceremony, meeting and greeting guests and managing any last minute changes, the wedding is often remembered as an exciting blur. Thankfully, your album can forever recapture every moment of your wedding.

Wedding albums are beautiful, richly decorated pages bound in luxurious materials. Capturing every important moment and providing you with the photos that you can look back on with happiness, the wedding album is a physical symbol and keepsake of your love. Here at Hector Rivera Photography, we are proud to provide you with multiple options regarding your wedding album. Believing that the album should match the couple. I will work with you to create a keepsake you will cherish for the rest of your life.

As part of your wedding photography package, I am more than happy to meet with you to discuss a possible wedding album. Prior to your wedding, there may be some things you want to consider about what you want the album to look like. As always, if you have any questions. considerations, or concerns, please contact me directly and I will be more than happy to help.

Vintage Vs. Flush Mount Lay-flat

Vintage albums contain inserts for photos and so are not the ideal presentation. You deserve a more luxurious display. Modern flush mounting is a relatively new technique utilized for high-end wedding albums images are printed directly onto photo paper covering a thick and rigid inner substrate. The lay-flat pages are designed without a distracting crease. You can also choose to craft your album on a thinner paper substrate. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, the thicker paper is more durable, however the thickness results in less room for images. The thinner paper is still durable, though less rigid and with more room to display more photos as compared to the thick paper. Choose whichever option you prefer.

How important is your album? Think about it…no matter how much money you spend and no matter how beautiful your wedding dress, venue, decorations or rings…what finally stays forever is your images and album. The value lasts for future generations making a wedding album one of the best investments to preserve your memories!

Frequently asked questions


We recommend a ratio of 4-6 images per every one sheet. Of course you can supply more or less images and we’ll gladly accommodate but we find this ratio serves as a good average.

This question also depends on the size of your images. In general we find a few large images per a page make for a more enjoyable layout than lots of smaller images. You’re free to specify how many images per a page you’d like us to use.

You can also supply us more images than you want used and then have us pick out the best images. This is often easier for professionals who have an idea of how many images they want but don’t want to take the time to individually select them beforehand.



We recommend a ratio of budgeting 1 sheet (2 pages) per every 4-6 images. The more images that are supplied per a page, the smaller each of those images will be. We recommend budgeting additional pages for using large single images as full spreads (2 pages) or half spreads (1 page). This ultimately depends on personal preference.

In general we find a few large images per a page make for a more enjoyable layout than lots of smaller images.



A final consideration should be on whether you want a hardcover, leatherette, linen, leather. There are many covers to choose from,and what you decide will ultimately reflect your personal interests, as well as the look and feel that you want for your wedding album. 

All albums are based on different wedding packages  from basic to high end albums. Please contact us for price.