Chad And Sandra Wedding Garfield New Jersey

As a Clifton, New Jersey wedding photographer, I get to travel all over to capture breathtaking weddings. As the owner and operator of Hector Rivera Photography, I have been working at my craft for a long time now. However, in spite of all my experience, I can still find myself completely captivated by an unforgettable wedding day.

A recent opportunity that took me to The Venetian Garfield New Jersey is a great example of that.

It was in Garfield, New Jersey that I had the opportunity to capture the wedding of Chad and Sandra. These two had an extraordinary day, made even better by the fact that the wedding took place in one of the most beautiful venues in the state. It was an honor to be there to shoot the photographs that will serve as timeless mementos of this wonderful occasion.

Chad and Sandra met at the gym through a mutual acquaintance. Having been there for the wedding, I can tell you that these two clearly knew from almost the very beginning that they were meant to be together. Hector Rivera Photography comes across couples from all backgrounds and walks of life.

One of the most consistent things I have noticed as a Clifton New Jersey wedding photographer is that many of these couples have the air of two people who move, talk, and act as you would imagine soulmates might. Chad and Sandra were no exception to this. Their church wedding was one of the most dazzling I have ever attended.

It doesn’t hurt when you have an occasion like a wedding at a church that truly takes you aback. This church provided an elegant, ageless backdrop for their moment. The crowd in attendance served to make the occasion even more energetic, enthusiastic.

Friends and family were numerous, including several fellow officers. Chad works as a police officer in North New Jersey, and many of his coworkers were there to wish him well. Sandra also had numerous friends and family who were absolutely thrilled to see her off.

From the church, the wedding moved to The Venetian Garfield New Jersey. If you have never seen pictures of this venue for yourself, I would really suggest checking out their website. The pictures and more you can find through their site will give you a clear indication of just how stunning this location really is.


As I mentioned before, it has to be one of the most marvelous places to have a wedding in New Jersey I have ever seen. When you visit a place like The Venetian, it’s not hard to understand why people refer to New Jersey as the Garden State!

While I believe working as the founder and photographer for Hector Rivera Photography presents a variety of opportunities and challenges, I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. Simply put, when you have the opportunity to take photographs in a place like The Venetian Garfield New Jersey, it doesn’t even really feel like work.

The thirty-five foot high cathedral ceilings are just one of the elements that serve to make The Venetian one of the most beautiful wedding venues in New Jersey.

From the moment you walk into the grand, spacious, elegant lobby, you’re going to find it hard to breathe. This is a great example of wedding venues that really do manage to take your breath away. If you have the opportunity to book your wedding at this venue, I highly recommend doing so.

Everything about the wedding emphasized class and sophistication. The catering alone featured some of the finest chefs in the region.

I love the way you can either build your menu from what the venue offers, or make specifications as to what you would like your ideal menu to be. Chad and Sandra opted for the latter. Amazingly, they managed to make a good thing even better.

And Hector Rivera Photography was there to capture every moment you might demand from a Clifton, New Jersey wedding photographer. I noted the custom-made invitations that some of the guests brought with them.

I was also completely blown away by the custom-made floral arrangements. There was also a waterfall installation on the grounds that I was really pleased to include in some of my shots. You could almost feel the energy of such a positive, moving space comingling with the energy of Chad and Sandra.

Gifts were also exchanged between the newlyweds, which only served to emphasize just how high-class this occasion really was. Dressed in a gorgeous wedding dress and sharp tuxedo, Sandra and Chad gave each other amazing presents. Sandra received a new Honda, while Chad received a wonderful Breitling watch.

When the occasion came to an end, the happy couple went off on their honeymoon. As I snapped a few more final pictures, I couldn’t help but smile at the elation of the day.