Destiny Diaz Sweet 16 

Photography and pictures are probably the best way of reminiscing the beautiful moments that we once had. The pictures give us a chance to cherish some of the most amazing events of our life.


While going through a series of picture, all you do is having flashbacks of the event that led you to a most beautiful conclusion. Ours is a website and business dedicated entirely to capturing your treasured moments and saving them for eternity.

Hector River Photographer is the institute for best portfolio making, event coverage and in a few words a perfect ensemble of perfection accompanied with love for the memories. With our expertise and art of bazooka lens, we make sure your events and parties are well lit with our services.

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The trend of celebrating sweet 16 birthdays and capturing the beautiful moments when you laugh together with your friends in most awesome and scenic of the locations is handled with craft at Hector Rivera Photography.

In the recent past, we had an amazing time doing the photographic captures of Destiny Diaz at her sweet 16. We were able to capture each and every bit of excitement on her face. The cameras turned their attention towards her emotional moments which she celebrated with her friends and family.

From the point of view of a photographer, we were able to seize her big day and birthday charm, according to her requirements and the best we could deliver. We do understand that for every girl, sweet 16 is the most awaited moment of her life. She loves to flaunt her all glossy look, her love for shoes, her newly bought clothes and her passion for growing up as a beautiful lady.


Destiny Diaz is another such client of ours who too wanted us to experience her sweet 16 moments with her by gifting her with wrapped memories. We were delighted to have served this young lady who looked flawless in her attire along with her acquaintances.

The event was a joy and the whole experience allowed us to portray some of the rare feelings through our smart cameras. The location of the event was again a delight as it added more beauty to the evening with all the posh and flamboyant furniture.

It was the La Neve’s Restaurant where shooting for that young girl became an equally delightful experience for the team of Hector River Photography.


The venue was fine in terms of the service, management, decoration in accordance with the day and the event and the overall ambiance. Location and ambiance plays a significant role in prominence of photos and seizing the right expression at the right time.



While shooting at a La Neve’s restaurant, we managed to compliment the beauty of Destiny Diaz, her day and the environment with our exceptional quality photography skills.