Get the wedding albums modernly designed with Finao albums
The wedding albums hold the memory of the relation that has been made to never break. This is the reason that every couple wants their wedding albums to be perfectly created so they can proudly show it to their friends and relative. Being a top-notch wedding photographer I have suggested many of the couples get their albums customized and designed by Finao.

Hector Rivera photography has been couple’s first choice and thus they respect my decision when I ask them to work with Finao.
Here are some of the reasons that you will love the work done by Finao:
The upload and ordering system
Finao is the best at the customer services. The fact that will attract your attention is that there is no need to send them your photos by post.

All you have to do is upload your pictures while ordering and they will receive them. Now you might be wondering about their upload system. You will be amazed to know that they have the simplest system that is very effective. It is easy to use and there are no special settings or techniques you must know to upload the photos. Simply go to their ordering site, place your order and upload.

Print quality
If there is a ranking for the print quality by Finao, I will gladly mark them 10 out of 10. They utilize the special ProDPI technology to print the wedding photos that give it the most accurate, top quality and sharpest print quality.
Not only that if they have even enlarged the photos they will not be blurred. You will be able to clearly see the details of the image with the utmost perfection. They will make sure to keep the color scheme of the images perfect as well. Therefore, Finao will not disappoint you in any of the aspects.

They will provide you with standard printing. It means that you can have the full-page prints or any other option you select the color and the print will be so perfect that it will not fade for ages.
The album quality

Apart from the quality of the print, the main thing that you might be concerned about is the quality of the album and the paper they might be using in it. Finao is best at everything as they utilize the thick and high-quality paper that will stay with your for generations.
The main product that they use is the Fuji Crystal Archive Portrait Grade Paper that is the best for wedding albums. Their albums will have excellent binding, which means that neither the images nor the pages will be destroyed no matter how harshly they have been turned.

Now coming towards the covers of the albums, they utilize the special Masonite cover. They understand that cover is the main attraction of the album and so there is no chance that you will find any cheap or low-quality material utilized by them. The binding of the wedding albums is also high-quality and it will not damage anytime soon.


The reason that Finao is so good at wedding albums is that they have options for everything. From the pages of the albums, there is a sea of variety to select from and it is very easy to get lost. It often happens that the clients get so overwhelmed that they cannot select one thing. Some of the choices that you will get with Finao are:
Album pages
There are almost 120 different materials of pages to select from. The best part is that they all are excellent in quality. You can select from the round, cut, creased, studio branding, square spine, and many other options.

They have three types of wedding albums to select from. They include the:
Flush mount albums
Matted albums
Self-mount albums

To make it easy for the clients to select they have divided their wedding albums into two products. So now you can select the:
Play books are affordable wedding albums. They have thin pages and the real photographic paper is utilized in the process. It will be perfect for the engagement shoots.
Play pals can be connected with the other wedding albums from Finao as well.


You can have them in a set or 3 or 6. They have a thin cover and are perfect for the bridal shoots.

Price :
Price is the most important factor that the customer consider when deciding the wedding albums. You must know that Finao is neither cheap nor it is very expensive. The best part is that they have divided their services in the forms of packages. It means that you will only have to pay for the services you select and the material or covers you want your wedding album to be designed with. The best part is that you can have your album repaired for only $50 and the cost of their covers is reasonable.

Shipping and delivery time:
In order to make the customer come back or recommend the company to others, it is important that they have the least delivery time and best shipping services. Finao excels others in this category. You will get your album at your doorstep within 2 to 3 business weeks. In case there is a lot of work to be done they will take a maximum of a month to deliver. The delivery time for the international orders might vary.
The fact that will make you fall in love with them is that you will receive the wedding album in a very presentable and stylish box. They will secure the album properly in the box and all the materials that they utilize are environmental friendly.

Therefore, if you are looking forward to the best results in your wedding album then you must order it with Finao. Make sure to upload your best photos taken by Hector Rivera photography as they will be your best memory. Photo credit finao albums / black album is from Hector Rivera Photography