I love wedding stories, Don’t you?  Especially when the wedding was shot in New York City , Office of the  City Clerk.  City hall wedding You got it!!!

 Even though people may not remember the exact words over time and the memory of all the tiniest details may just get clouded but one thing is for sure, you will never forget all the happiness and excitement you felt on your BIG day! 

I am thrilled to bring out to you a real couples story who hooked up with each other in a rush and believed in capturing their moments so that time cannot erase the luster from their precious wedding moments. Put your feet up and get yourself a steaming cup of tea because it’s time for a cute romantic story.

Jonathan and Sofia from Bronx New York make an amazing couple. I received a call telling me that I was needed to capture a quick marriage. It is nothing big was what I was told BUT I knew that this MOMENT WAS BIG for them. In fact, It is for everyone. The day was cool and breezy. When I reached the city hall I found out there was nothing lavish or ostentatious to the wedding.

This couple believed that it is the moments that make the wedding lavish and ostentatious not the other way round. The couple got hooked to each other with promises of ‘forever’s’ at Office of city hall clerk  (a small city hall).

I kept following this beautiful couple around the city hall and kept on freezing their moments (random ones and the poses both) into photographs. The Random ones because I love how they looked “just meant for each other” without even posing at the camera. The beaming wedding guests were the mother, father, sister and a group of six jolly good friends.


Not a huge list of guests but they surely made the photo shoot moments fill up with genuine laughter, fun and lots of smiles. Freezing those happy little moments in pictures is exactly what matters before time melts them away.

This couple met for the first time at American natural history museum in New York. The bride said while explaining their story , “…It was like we were destined to meet one another and fall in love.” Anyone could tell just through a mere glance at the couple.


So to keep their relationship history alive on their wedding day, it was an amazing idea to photo shoot the bride and groom at the American National History Museum.

 For more photos at the west end highway, we went on to Hudson water from the NYC city hall.

Then we traveled in a limo to the chart house in Weehaken New Jersey, which is a restaurant with a water front dining. Chatting and laughing away the entire way, we reached this picture perfect place that the camera fell instantly in love with due to the picturesque and stunning background that it offers to the bride and groom further blazing up their inward spirits  in the form of images.

We capped the special day with a ride in an exclusive Limo. It was so fun riding the limo chatting about the amazing day, Sofia and Jonathan  had, how they posed for my lens. We ended the day at “the chart house”, the stunning waterfront restaurant The Chart House in weehaken New Jersey.

Make your appointments with us to freeze your moments alive forever and not let time fade them away at Hector Rivera Photography.

We wish Sofia and Jonathan a happy and prosperous till eternity. Couples don’t look any better, we frankly admit.