The Marriage of Kristin Sollenne and Robert Malta

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Whether you are coming of age or celebrating a marriage, Hector Rivera photography is here for you.  Having providing professional photographic services for dozens of events, I will work with you to make keepsakes and memories that you will warmly reflect on for years to come.  Captured through my expertise, you will have a portfolio of memories presented in incredible detail. Meet Kristin & Robert they cozy wedding reception was held at  Arte cafe in New York City

One of the best ways to demonstrate the services I can provide is to highlight a recent shoot I had the incredible privilege of attending.  The marriage of Kristin Sollenne and Robert Malta was a story book event, where everyone came together to celebrate in this union.  

As my services are tailored to your needs, you can see for yourself how regardless of the limitations or obstacles, we can work together to capture every important memory.  While the day may go by in a flash, I will make sure you have a record of every moment.

A rising culinary star as well as a Food Network Judge, chef Kristin Sollenne is a well-known cook whose experience and talent in the kitchen has led to her becoming a recognized name in food.  Having cooked for a range of professionals and celebrities, Kristin Sollenne has been recognized time and time again for what she brings to the plate.

As you can expect, planning her wedding was no different.  With time and attention given to the details of the event, Kristin Sollenne and Robert Malta put together a simply incredible experience that combined the best of faith, family, and good food.

The day began at the beautiful Trump International Hotel.  Inviting rooms and large windows formed the backdrop for Kristin preparation.  Incredible views of central park formed the backdrop as a the bride to be prepared for her special day.  Simply radiant, the loving support and assistance of friends, family, and professionals came together to make Kristin shine.  Beautiful and ready for her wedding day, it was not long before Kristin moved on to the next event where she would see her husband to be.

The wedding ceremony itself was held at the Church of the Blessed Sacrament.  Home to a congregation founded in 1887, the church features simply incredible architecture that is like nothing else seen in the city.  Ribbed pillars and vaulted ceilings reached towards the heavens as wooden pews provided plenty of seating for friends, family, and guests.  With large ornate lanterns hanging overhead, the church provides an incredible setting for the two to be wed.

Wearing a fantastic dress from Bridal Reflection (Ines Di Santo), the bride turned every head in the aisles as she was walked by her father.  A handsome husband to be waited at the alter, a boyish smile on his face meant for no one else but Kristin.  Everyone gathered through the ceremony, watching quietly as the two kneeled and went through the ceremony.  The long trail on her dress was draped on the steps behind her, a classic and timeless look created for just this event.  Together, they said their vows.  


Representing the responsibility as well as the importance of the sacrament of marriage, the two became united in a place truly special to them.  A testament to faith and the unity of two families, the church was the perfect backdrop.  As the newly married couple waved, everyone cheered them on.  A brilliant smile on her face, Kristin was the image of an ecstatic bride.  So they would go onto continue the next chapter in their lives.  But first, there was dinner!

A landmark brownstone in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, the ARTE Café is known for its signature Italian taste that is both welcoming and delicious.  As you can expect, any wedding dinner venue chosen by a celebrity culinary star would have to meet the highest standards out there.  And to that point, the ARTE Café did not disappoint

 Providing plenty of seating as well as outdoor availability during warmer months, ARTE Café set the perfect atmosphere for enjoyment and celebrations after the ceremony.

The meal was dedicated to the newly married couple whose excitement and joy was infectious.  Along with excellent food, there were many toasts to the new couple, wishing them the very best as they began the next stage of their lives together.

All throughout the dinner, Kristin shined with a beauty that was priceless.   The night ended with incredible hospitality, togetherness, and love.

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Spanning multiple locations including dressing, ceremony, and after party food, the wedding of Kristin Sollenne and Robert Malta represent one of the many services that I can provide for you.  Even if you have a challenging and complex wedding day planned, I will work along side you to be where you need me the most.

Let me help you capture these precious moments.  Working with a great deal of experience, hiring my expertise will mean one less thing for you to worry about as your wedding day approaches.

If you are interested in my services, then please do not hesitate to reach out to me or continue looking through my website.  There you will find even more information as well as photos from previous events I have shot for.  Once the process begins, I will meet with you to discuss your needs as well as the details of the day.  Know that I will work to remain as flexible as possible, responding in kind to any last minute changes you make to ensure that no moments are lost

The wedding of Kristin Sollenne and Robert Malta was a beautiful and magical day where two people came together with their families.  Kristin has every moment of planning as well as the celebration captured for all time, giving her something she can look back on.

They will always have these photos to remember their experience and the incredible time they had together.  If you are interested in having such memories yourself, then consider my services.  Along with a significant amount of experience, I can provide for you a service centered on your needs.


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Well that’s all folks, so many beautiful images… I want give special thanks to kristin and Robert Malta for giving me the opportunity to shoot their special day. I also want to thank my second photographer Amanda Stevens she is awesome you can check out her work @ Fire the canon