A beautiful Italian wedding:

We all love happily ever after stories and when they are true, they rekindle magic in our hearts.

When the bride takes her slow, delicate steps in the alter towards the groom who stands at the end waiting for her eagerly, it shows their beautiful story of how each met their one and only, the joy they brought to each other’s lives and their decision to never let go off each other.

I had the opportunity to photograph a beautiful Italian wedding in Long Island, New York. It was for an Italian couple who have an incredibly interesting story of how they met. Their story is of an instant spark. Jessie, the bride and Massimo, the groom felt an instant spark when they were introduced to each other by Jessie’s step-sister and Massimo’s cousin.
As individuals, they seem very different.

Massimo who had been living in Italy before had just moved to the United States and started working in a local pizzeria Umberto not knowing that this country held his heart.

Jessie on the other hand has lived all her life in America and is a speech therapist at New York Presbyterian Hospital and does a cake business on the side.

Little did each know that the love of their life lived nearby and that soon, they would cross each other’s path!

After getting to know each other, they decided to become one. Their individual selves didn’t matter anymore because when they were with each other, all made sense. At the core, they wanted the same things, to see the world in each other’s arms and start a family of their own. So they set a date to share their happiness with the world. T

hey invited 200 people to Jessie’s father’s home; the location of their wedding. Jessie’s father is a business man who owns this beautiful house with a landscape. It was perfect. They set it up with a white tent and had a Jamaican band near the water giving it a serene theme. Jessie’s sister had the honor to legalize their union. It felt amazing to capture such well thought-out moments.

The outdoor event went beautifully. Everything looked wonderful. The weather agreed as it was sunny and soft cool breeze was blowing.

Every piece was carefully selected to reflect the personalities of the bride and the groom. The three tiered white cake was decorated with big purple chrysanthemums. The fountain in the middle of the pond gave it the extra oomph.

I took pictures of all the instances that would bring back memories and make their special day alive again when looked back. The bride walking down the aisle, expressions of the guests as they said their vows to each other and laughter with their loved ones and all the other moments are frozen in time by the pictures I took.

When capturing the pictures of the bride and the groom, I made sure that I wasn’t just taking shots of two people in a frame but of two people in a union of love.