Melanie’s Sweet Sixteen Party Was Fun to Photograph.

I’ve photographed so many different types of special occasions throughout the years, although I undoubtedly photograph weddings the most. One particular special occasion which is always a joy to capture on film is the traditional Sweet Sixteen party.

Luckily, I had the chance to be with Melanie as she prepared for her Sweet Sixteen party at home and then made her way to her big bash, which was held at New Jersey’s gorgeous Windsor Ballroom. I love taking pictures at the ballroom, because it’s immaculate and has every bell and whistle. So, this made things even more exciting.


My goal was to capture every moment of the Sweet Sixteen experience. It’s something that only happens once!

Melanie Was So Easy to Photograph

Melanie made my job easy, as she’s always smiling and she’s so easy to be around. She’s a fun person, so I can see why so many of her buddies came to the Windsor Ballroom to party with her!

Naturally pretty and bubbly, Melanie looked lovely in casual wear as I took pictures of her getting her makeup done at home. She turned into a fairy tale princess once she put on her full-length, pale pink party dress!

It’s obviously really fulfilling to watch a teen prepare for this type of event. There is so much anticipation in the air. Although Melanie doesn’t need a pretty dress to look great, her gown was stunning and it did transform her into a more glamorous version of her everyday self.

She was “red carpet ready” in no time flat and this meant that it was time to capture some shots of her outside, in her gown, surrounded by the beauty of nature.

After this part of the photo shoot was complete, we all headed over to Windsor Ballroom to celebrate in grand style.

The Ballroom Looked Amazing

Melanie’s family pulled out all of the stops. Her parents gave her the most beautiful party imaginable. Also, the team at Windsor Ballroom didn’t disappoint. Terrific food, balloons, shining wood floors and pretty tables were all on display. It was nice to see Melanie so happy in this grown-up party environment.

The ballroom is perfect for dancing and the girls showed off their pretty dresses, while the guys looked debonair in their semi-formal wear.

I took this opportunity to capture some shots of smaller groups of people. Melanie was always my focus, but I definitely took the time to show how great everyone at the party looked and how close the guests were.

The party was a perfect mixture of friends and family. It was a wholesome event with wonderful party decor, fun music and a lighthearted spirit.

Everyone was overjoyed to be there and it shows in the pictures.

I Love Melanie’s Portraits

Melanie was the star of the show and I feel that my portraits of her really stand out. She was radiant. When we’re excited about life, we get a lot of light in our eyes and our faces glow. Melanie was excited about her party before it started and while it was happening and it showed in her face.

I enjoyed taking pictures which captured her positive emotions.

This birthday event was once in a lifetime for her, so it’s great that she and her family will always be able to look at these pictures and remember every single minute. Sometimes, people don’t hire pro photographers and the memories are harder to hold onto…

I want to thank Melanie, her family, her friends and the team at the Windsor Ballroom for helping me to take memorable photographs.

If you need a professional photographer for a Sweet Sixteen or other special event, please get in touch. My rates are very affordable and I put my heart and soul into taking the types of pictures that people treasure forever.