Love is a beautiful thing and even more beautiful when celebrated. It was a celebration of union and love between Nicholas and Darren. Nobody thought Same Sex wedding could be so much fun, so much love in the air and so much energy. Everyone was just smiling, laughing and enjoying themselves. It was a beautiful moment that everybody wishes it continue. You can’t get tired of watching them showing a lot of affection towards each other. They chose central park in New York city location ladies pavilion 


The wedding ceremony took place at Ladies Pavilion in Central Park. The antique style construction, the location, beauty and the view of the lake and New York City skyline of the Ladies Pavilion in Central Park make it a suitable environment for the special event. The reception is a whole new story; it took place at the Sparks Steak House in New York City; one of the finest restaurant and event center in New York City.

The reception happens in one of their private dining rooms. Well inquired and set up to match the couples color theme.

Nicholas and Darren were looking lovely in Vintage British style Shirt and Waist Coat with flowery pattern on it. Nicholas top it up with Blazer Jacket and they both complete their dressing with Rose flower Pin in color Purple and Cream and Petals made from fabric. To describe their look in one word, fabulous.


Nicholas and Darren flew in from 3 Malmsey Cottages, Cumberland Street, Houghton Regis, Dunstable, Bedfordshire, England to get married here in the USA. it’s a journey worthwhile because they are able to make their day special and memorable with the beautiful location they had the wedding ceremony and the reception plus the present of a top notch Photographer Hector Rivera of Clifton wedding photography to preserve the memory with his camera.

Hector Rivera photography is the best in the photography business, known for his high reputation and creative style of capturing event photo. Hector Rivera in one of his shot captures Nicholas and Darren standing opposite to each other on the Central Park Bridge.




The beautiful texture of the bridge and the view of nature green in the background really compliment the picture. Another one of the couple during the wedding ceremony in the Ladies Pavilion in Central Park, gazing at each other’s eye as the Wedding Officiate carries on the ceremony. It was a beautiful moment to always remember.





Hector Rivera been a professional photographer knows the important of event photography and he makes sure no beautiful moment passes without a couple of photo shots. Wedding ceremony is always beautiful and with Hector Rivera Photography it is also memorable.