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Weddings With Hector Rivera Photography

Hector Rivera Photography

Weddings with Hector rivera Photography are focused on capturing the most special moment, emotions and details that you will remember for a life time.
From the first contact between us, I start to build a little portfolio of what it is you looking for, the shots that are important to you and the people who mean the world to you so when your day comes around to marry the person you love the most in the world you will feel comfortable, and most of all exited for your big day knowing that it will be captured elegantly and artistically.
One thing I find very important is that you and your guest feel comfortable in front of the camera, so my work method is unobtrusive, calm and friendly whilst making sure I’m documenting your day to its fullest.
With love, Hector Rivera Photography.

Specializing in Traditional and Photojournalistic weddings


Hector rivera Photography remains for unobstructive, fashionable, narrating Wedding Photography.
I tell every of my couples: “This is your day and I’m here to document everything.” I urge them to make the most of their wedding day, to be who they are and let me be who i am.
One of my previous grooms, let me know after his wedding: “looking at your photographs demonstrated to me all the magnificent minutes I wouldn’t have recollected
I shoot weddings to guarantee that couples always remember what filled their heart with joy and what made their day so special..

Engagement Sessions at affordable Price


What is an engagement session? You’ve seen the wedding blogs, the marriage magazines, the expert looking shots on Facebook of your connected with companions laughing and kissing each other with the sun setting behind them.

It’s formally called engagement photography, however basically it’s an only a possibility for an expert photographer to capture two individuals in love who needs to impart it to the world, or even just between themselves.

What should we to wear? Wear something fun. Something decent. Also, in particular, something that is you. In the event that that is a necktie and nerd chic glasses. Do it. Flower summer dress and a couple of cowboy boots. Work it. These are your photographs to think back on years from now.  

What if we’re not that comfortable in front of the camera? Don’t worry about it. It’ll be my pleasure to show you that it’s not true. If you’re in love, it’ll eventually come out and I’ll be there to capture it.

Headshots, Corporate and Fashion Portraiture


Portrait photography, which is also called, more often than not , portraiture, is the art of capturing a subject (in this case, a person or a group of people ) in which the facial features as well as facial expressions are made predominant.

What or portraiture photographers’ aim is to focus on the person’s face. They aim to give emphasis on the face of the person because this will also be the focus or the emphasis of the photograph. This does not mean, however, that person’s body or even the background will no longer be included. Under Portrait photography, these can still be included in the photo by the portrait photographer but again, the focus or the emphasis should be on the person’s face, facial expression and even distinct facial features.

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